About Me


My name is Hannah and I’m an amateur photographer based in Shrewsbury.  I love travel, people and photography and thankfully, these three passions often overlap.

I’ve been taking photographs for many years now and have come to realise that I work best when there is a person in front of my lens. I love trying to capture the essence and the character of a person in a few shots. I’m not a fan of bright studio lights and, as you’ll see from my pictures, much prefer to get outside into nature for the best natural light.

I work with young people in schools (but thankfully, not as a teacher) and this has previously taken me beyond Shropshire to Zambia, where I lived and worked for three years. I love living here in Shrewsbury but gladly take any opportunity for escape or adventure. So, if you want to get married abroad, I’d be happy to help!

Beyond photography, I am an (overly-competetive) squash player and a lover of food in all its forms. I love to geek around with design, websites and a bit of reportage filming, so do get in touch if you think I’d be able to help with any of those things.

Please feel free to contact me at mail@hannahmoore.org.uk for more information.